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You may check the English version in the later part of the article or via CNN website. Praise the Lord !
在CNN的海嘯特輯中,主播 Anderson Cooper訪問一間斯里蘭卡孤兒院的 負責人Daylan Sanders,
他分享了神如何靜止巨浪而拯救了他及廿八名兒童。 以下是其見證的撮要:
當卅呎高的巨浪,如一頭兇猛的怪獸撲向他們, Daylan Sanders急忙帶領廿八名小孩跳上一條木船上,打算發動馬打 ﹝發動機﹞逃避海嘯時,目睹巨浪把兩個車房,連車帶屋完全摧毀, 就在巨浪距離他們只有十五呎左右之遙,一句聖經忽然湧現心頭: 「因為仇敵好像急流的河水沖來,是耶和華之氣所驅逐的。」 ﹝以賽亞書五十九章19節下﹞。
不知何來的勇氣,他就在木船中站起來,舉手大聲呼喊:「我奉耶穌基督 的名命令你,以聖經的能力宣告,當敵人像洪水般沖過來,主的靈會興起 一個高臺敵檔它。我奉耶穌基督的名命令你平靜下來。」當時,他看見猶如一道高牆的巨浪,好像被一股看不到的力量或一隻隱形的手擋,靜止在空中。他說:「我沒有半點誇大!」這個情景為一些正到樹頂逃命的村民看見。他們眼見大水所過之處,一切都被吞噬。唯有當它到達孤兒院的四英畝院舍範圍時,突然靜止了,然後緩慢流動,所以Sanders和兒童才有機會逃命。他們不禁地問:「這是甚麼原因?是否樹林或房屋的密度所致?」Sanders回答說:「除了神的能力,地上沒有任何的力量可以阻止這些大水。我依靠神,並奉耶穌的名命令它們。在二千年前,耶穌就命令大海的風浪止息,它們就聽命。就正是這位神,為我們作了同?的奇事,故此我們才有那寶貴的數秒鐘,可以狂拉馬打,把它發動起來,及時逃命。」

1. 為神的奇妙和能力,讚美祂!
2. 如聖經所說:祂的話語﹝聖經﹞是真實的,是大有能力。
3. 基督徒啊,不要再輕慢神的話語﹝聖經﹞,要每日認真、努力讀經,並牢記在心中。在日常生活中,神的話語能引領你行在正路;在危難
4. 若你仍未認識耶穌基督,請你想想:誰能令海嘯的巨浪止息,聽命於祂?
5. 只有那位創天造地,創造萬物,造你、造我的神。
6. 祂就是那位為你,為全人類犧牲,釘死在十字架上,並在三天後復活的 耶穌。
7. 冀盼你會接受祂作你的個人救主,作你生命之主。

以下是報導見證的CNN網址:http://transcripts.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/0412/31/acd.01.html > >
COOPER: It bears repeating that each night, we've been moved by the stories of people, people who have literally reached out and saved strangers' lives. Daylan Sanders is a U.S. citizen who sold his townhouse near Washington D.C. 10 years ago, and moved back to his native Sri Lanka, to build an orphanage, the Samaritan Children's Home. When the waves came on Sunday, he gathered all 28 children, put them in a boat, and raced the waves to safety. He joins me now on the phone from Batticaloa, Sri Lanka. Thanks very much for being with us, Daylan. You know, we talked to a lot of people, and when they first saw the waves, they instantly thought to run to higher ground, but not you. What made you think your best chances were at sea in a boat? DAYLAN SANDERS, FOUNDER AND DIRECTOR, SAMARITAN CHILDREN'S HOME : Because there are no words in human speech to describe what we saw. It was a 30-foot wall of sea, just bearing down on us like an angry monster. And it was coming at us at such speed, I knew that there was no place on ground where we could be safe. So I knew -- there was something in me that told me that instantly, that we've got to get on top of this wave if -- to stay safe. COOPER: So how quickly -- how quickly... SANDERS: So I came out, I called out for the children. They all came. We rushed. We had just 10 seconds to get into the boat, and that day the outboard motor stayed hooked to the boat. Usually, we take it off every night. And we got into the boat -- you know, it had rushed in. It has --it just demolished everything that stood in its path. It came with such force. It just hit both of the garages. The garages just splintered in every direction. It lifted up my Toyota pickup vehicle, my Mitsubishi L-300. We had a three-wheeler, a motor bike. Everything -- it just pulverized. And then when we got into the boat, it was just a few -- I would say about 15 feet away, and we were eyeball to eyeball with the wave. And immediately, a scripture popped into my mind. It said, "When the enemy comes in like a flood, the spirit of the Lord shall raise up a standard against it." And I know from there, I got the courage. I just stood up in the small boat, and I lifted both my hands and I said, I command you in the name of Jesus Christ, on the strength of the scriptures, that when the enemy comes in like a flood, the spirit of the Lord shall raise up a standard against him. I command you in the name of Jesus Christ to stand still. And I thought I was imagining at the time that the massive wall of water, it stood. It -- I'm not one given to exaggeration. I saw, as if something holding back, some invisible force or hand. It just stood. And -- this was confirmed, because later on, when I met some of the villagers who had climbed on top of palmara (ph) trees and coconut trees and had survived this onslaught. They told me -- they called me father. They said, Father, we didn't stand a chance because the sea, when it got down to the beach and it crushed into the village, it came with the same speed and the same furry, and it just wiped us all out. But when -- ours is a four-acre complex. We have a boys section, the girls' home, the staff section and everything. But when it got on your land, at one point, it stood still. It just slowed down. And that gave you the chance. What made it? Was it the density of the trees or the buildings? I said, there was no power on Earth that could have held it back but the power of God. I said, I called upon God, and I commanded it in the name of Jesus, who 2,000 years ago he commanded the waves, and they obeyed. He commanded the sea, and they obeyed. And this is the very same God did the same to us and gave us those precious few seconds that we needed to stop at the first yank, at the start, the engine just sputtered into life. COOPER: And Daylan, I know your gamble paid off. You were able to take your boat really directly through the wave and rescue all the children in your orphanage. SANDERS: By the way, they came up to us, and I told them that, you know, it's going to catch up with us and if it caught up... COOPER: It's a remarkable, remarkable story, Daylan. Able to save 28 of the children in the orphanage. The orphanage itself, the buildings, the structures destroyed. But it's a remarkable tale. Daylan Sanders, thanks for joining us. 360 next, power and fury. Imagine being at the mercy of such force, a force which has transformed some tourists into humanitarians.
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